Recently I bought my first full album, it was a cd. (and AC/DC’s Back in Black.) I am used to buying singles off iTunes, but what if I lived in the eighties? If I wanted to listen to a song that I liked. I would have to pick from the following. A.) Hop in a DeLoreon and drive my lazy butt over to the record shop and buy a record or cassette or 8-track. B.) Beg to get driven by parents. C.) walk several miles to get my Van Halen fix. and finally D.) Sit in the corner and pray the song winds up on the radio. But I am a child of the new millennium. So I have to pull up iTunes, and click.

What comes to my mind when the word “Hero” is utter

An instant thing that comes to my mind when the word hero is uttered is a bit cliche. Though I do not count a giant beast of a man wiping out an army of commies as a hero, even though that is what comes to mind. That should be categorized under uber-men.

After cleansing my mind of picturing an uberman as a hero. The true hero that I picture is an everyman, you know who I’m talking about Joe/Jane Everyguysmith. However there is a twist, some event had spurred Joe or Jane to do something that was beneficial under extraordinary odds. In a nutshell, a hero is a person that could switch into “do-gooder mode” without flinching during a time of need for a hero.

Travel log 3

I haven’t updated the travel log because paying for it on the boat would be impossible. In summary, I made friends, including Canadian and British, and went to several countries. I got to eat hot wings at 3 in the morning for free. If you REALLY want to hear more, just ask.


Today I disembarked for a cruise. I got on my plane to Miami early in the morning. Before I left, I just happend to watch Die Hard 2, Snakes on a Plane, and Airplane. All movies involving disasters on an airplane. When we took off the engines started to groan and I thought we were gonna crash. I am crazy and should avoid watching movies at all when flying. While I am blogging in Miami on a hotel computer like a blogging vagabound. I probably won’t bum around on the cruise computers as I have to pay. So no more updates probably until I come back.

Bye from Miami, no sleep ’till  Connecticut.


When I’m driving through town I usually don’t notice something, how big trees are. Unless I see them with leaves I don’t notice them. However, I see trees from the other side of town that are evergreens that are bright green. They are so big I see them from a couple miles away. Most trees that I see are smaller than my house but all the trees near my house are twice the size of my house. Maybe trees are enraged over being cut down, they grow twice the size of their fallen brethren.

If you removed the electoral college, what would qualify you to vote?

I don’t like the electoral college at all. What it boils down to is that your states vote for electors which vote for the candidate you want. What I don’t like is that if you live in a state with a low population, your state does not vote. So if the number if the other candidate wins the votes in your state. Yours does not count. However, disbarring people from voting is much worse. A good qualification to vote would be a short questionnaire on the registration form to make sure the voter is knowledgeable of what he is voting for. This would include the basic question of why you are voting for the candidate. He being cool is not an acceptable answer. This would allow votes based from true political convictions to be shown rather than people voting based on popularity and partisan lines.

Trail of Tears

I have been leading my tribe our my homeland near the sea. We lost our culture, now my children believe in the white man’s god. We no longer have our own ways as we farm and trade like the white men but they still treat us like dogs. Though we helped them fight their enemies in 1812 and the Creek Wars, we were loyal but get no credit. We lost our pride and creed. They think I am a traitor and savage though I fought along their commanders and helped them survive. Now a new White leader wants us out of the little land we have. I must lead my caravan through pain and misery, the white leader calls us “wandering savages and “immoral”. I now am moving my people across the river, we won the lawsuit to the Supreme Court and the white leader still makes us walk a walk of loss. We almost resisted but there are blue men forcing us by as gunpoint, ignoring the small ones who freeze without blankets and the sick in their coccoons of blankets trodelling along on their horses. We lost many along the way, mostly young children.  I am on a sickly horse, one of the few I was not forced to slaughter for food. The lucky few who have them.  The trail has killed my family and I have abondoned the little objects I have left. I forgoe the covered wagons and press on. The weather is poor and seems like heavy rains are coming. There is no time to bury the dead and we must leave the sick behind. Those gut wrenching descisions are those i do not want tom make. I may think of shooting the blue-coat soldier and escaping but I have already lost as there are soldiers with the best food and horses guarding us and threatning to shoot the stragglers. Most of those horses are ours. I am hungry and starving and sick, but I most keep a stoic face to give my people hope. The only good thing is that the land is ours. We used to be proud and have culture, but we lost it. The clouds seem to weep because we lost our pride. I still must find water, but on this trail the only water we can find are our own tears

How do You Dertimine somebody…

By their actions or their intentions? I determine somebody by their intentions. If a man steals money from a bank and drops it into a car that brings it to a charity. He still would steal the money and he could have dropped it in the getaway car. It can be when you accidently trip somebody, you didn’t mean it but you got sued! People should be judged by what they aim to do and not what they ended up doing.

Post That Goes Back to The Future to the Past

Many moons later, A this blog gets hacked by a person from 2059.

     I posted this page on a lumbering crash-happy Windows computer. It’s a thousand times slower than my Dellbook Pro. The internet barely works on the school’s WiFi. This isn’t American any more, It’s McAmerica. It’s entirely corporate! The world ended in 2012 but most people survived in vaults. The majority of the population is pasty and nerdy. Zombies roam the trash infested earth. So when you vote in 2020, do NOT vote for Ryan, earth would be a lot nicer. <end transmission, windows will have it’s hourly crash in 10 minutes>


Recently I lost my iPod somewhere not at home, I’m not asking everbody about hunting it down: but this incident has brought some insightful thoughts to my head. It was most likley stolen from my locker at a gym and I had to wonder what was the person’s motives for doing so. Maybe it was a father whose child wanted an iPod for their birthday and he couldn’t afford it so he did what he could. Or it was a man who needed to make the rent so he swiped it to sell so he wouldn’t be on the streets. Though it could be a person who wanted an iPod so instead of working for one he stole it.

The incident was also my fault for leaving a valuble unattended. Even if the locker was locked the theif could have broke it and take it. The reason why was upset wasn’t because it was stolen. It was because I put hours of hard work to buy it and put songs on it. It was a personal object so it was much different than $100 dollars getting stolen.

In short, if something gets stolen don’t blame it on the person being a good-for-nothing, he or she might of needed to steal it. Don’t just blame the person, blame yourself also because you could of prevented it from happening. There could be many reasons why but right now I have to work and save up for a new one.

Last Man on Earth (You’re it!!!!)

Last post was about what I would do If I was the last man on earth. Following what Amanda has done with the 10 things to do before you die I decided to make a post on what you would do if you were the last man/woman on earth. What would you do? What are you going to do that people won’t normallylet you do? Remember, riding out the apocolypse in a bunker is not an option. Just everybody went to Mars and you slept in. How will you feel being lonley? What will you make as a substitute for a person? Animals still roam the Earth? Will you search for others who “slept in”?


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