Bringing us together, what will you change about your self to change the world

The act of putting my self down and not bothering to take up an enourmous task because it is too much of a risk or too much work is my fallicy that I must change so I can help change the world. If I was asked to go to New Orleans to rebuild houses, I would say no, not because I don’t want to, but because I feel like I may screw up or I am not worth going. However, the act of rebuilding houses will make a HUGE difference in somebody’ life so that family will not spend another day in a trailer built with hazardous materials. Now thinking about it, I am up to the challenge.


Recently I have done a speech UNDER 2 minutes in school, I had to edit it because it would have taken forever to read!

My fellow American’s, it has been a long journey. We have been through good times and bad times, hills and valleys. We are in economic turmoil,  caused by CEO’s greed and everybody’s carelessness. Though we all are part of the problem. We can all fix this problem by working together and looking out for our neighbors. Not just down the street, but in the world. We will fix this by correcting enviromental mistakes and over-comsumption of the world’ s resources. We will not turn a blind eye to Third World Nations and warzones and we will vanquish foes who wish to stand in the way and block the path to a peaceful world . This ordeal will bring us as a nation, a world, united and forged stronnger than ever before.

Response to Bringing us together.

My Favorite animal is my dog Chippy, he is Carin Terrier (like ToTo from Wizard of Oz) he is pretty curious and a great friend, but can be annoying with the barking but I still love him. He loves to eat and makes “nests” with blankets. However, recently we ran off but we found him later on. He is a great do that we found at the humane society by accident, he is a permanent companion.

Quality of your Life depends on…

…Your outlook on life. If you think your life is bad, than your spirits will dip and then you’ll believe you life has poor quality, but really; life is how you make it. If you love life your spirits will rise and you will have great reasons to love your life. What I am trying to say is, enjoy life through the good times and bad times, and your life will greatly improve no matter what.

Most Powerful Word You Can Say

The word is simple, no, the word is no. The word no can bar you from doing an activity or spur you on to do said activity out of spite or curiosity. No can bring you down as if you asked “Did I pass my test?” or it can make your day if you asked “Do I have school today?” No can crush your spirit if you asked if you wanted to be somebody’s friend, to go to a certain school, or if you wanted to do something ALL your life. No can make you feel lucky or relieved at the question “Do I have this disease?” No is a double edged sword, bringing good or bad to you, depending on your situation.

Script for “radio”

We have a challenge to to take an article from a text book and be able to condense it to be read in :30 seconds or less for part of the script, this was based on an idea from Clay Burell. The article we did was about Lewis and Clark, this script is about a different expedition in the early 1800’s.

“Meanwhile, Army Officer Zebulon Pike is being ordered to find the starting point if the Red River. He is heading west. Soon afterward he will be traveling south to Mexico. Rumours are arising about how Pike also has orders to Spy on Spanish encampments in the South West, Rumors are also arising that Pike has been arrested by Spanish Calvary by the Rio Grande for spying, it is believed he thought that was the Red River.”

Condensed News Radio report

After having printing their own papers for 142 years the record journal is sending their printing to Springfield Republican in Springfield Massachusetts. The 30-year old press is to expensive to continue operating or replace as it is estimated to cost 120 million dollars The move is eliminating 45 part and full time jobs. This allows the Record Journal to control operating costs while saving money on capital improvements. However, the Record Journal is still focused on local news.

How to: Make the World Better

I am going to make the world better by trying to make people happy and laugh and remember that work and life isn’t so mundane! Just by making a smile or saying have a nice day can make a HUGE difference in somebody’s day.  Talking to the guy that sits next to you on a plane can make a cramped stuffy ride to Florida a more joyful experience than actually going to DisneyWorld. It is even better to “spice things” up when doing a boring project and thinking out side of the box so people aren’t bored while watching a class presentation of projects that all sound the same. I love to add some humor into an essay so my teacher aren’t about to brake down from reading 100 3 page essays.

New Year Thinking

Over this vacation I had a thought while opening up all my presents I had a thought. Most people around the world WILL never have such a festivity or even thought of or has knowledge that in other places a time of the year is devoted to giving gifts. Now, if you were upset with what you got, think of this, alot of people in the world are less fortunate and don’t even get presents or know their birthday.

Happy New Year!(With A Twist)

Hey readers, guess what today is, The First Day of 2009! Now instead of asking what your New Years resolution is this year. I wonder what is a resolution that you will make for the rest of your life, (or at least all this year) Most “New Year Resolutions” last only a couple months so I tweaked it to be “Old/New/Next Year/Every Year Resolution”, Just call it a permanent resolution to turn yourself around and start on a new path, forgetting about the past. Basically that was my Permanent REVOLUTION. So would you kindly tell me your Permanent Resolution?

Next post (hopefully) Anti-Resolutions. (gasp!)