Last Man on Earth (You’re it!!!!)

Last post was about what I would do If I was the last man on earth. Following what Amanda has done with the 10 things to do before you die I decided to make a post on what you would do if you were the last man/woman on earth. What would you do? What are you going to do that people won’t normallylet you do? Remember, riding out the apocolypse in a bunker is not an option. Just everybody went to Mars and you slept in. How will you feel being lonley? What will you make as a substitute for a person? Animals still roam the Earth? Will you search for others who “slept in”?


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Last Man Standing

What would I do if I was the last man on Earth? First of all, I would try to go to amusment parks and the like but I wouldn’t be able to operate the rides. So instead, I would take recordings of T.V shows with ads to feel like the televisions are still brodcasting. I would chill out. Then I would need friends besides a volleyball named wilson. I would scour the globe for survivors, looking at the world’s wonders and other people/ I would go to places I would never usually go. Living in peace and lonley, you will always need somebody after a while even though you are lonley or not. However, if the end of the world was caused by Zombies my plans would be WAY different. In conclusion what would you do if you were the last person on Earth?


My wonderful place is probably anywhere I can be alone, preferably my room. Music or a great podcast create a friend that can be with you and entertain you but not not on your nerves. If I am somewhere else I go find an excuse to go to the bath room or hall way or I have to go outside. This gives me a break from people and stress and I get up for once. Though, the best hiding place is the corner of my mind where I can think or dream. Unless you can read my mind (you probably can’t) I am perfectly alone I a dream land for the time being. That corner of the mind is best used when I am alone and I can ponder choices or wonder about odd things. I think about stories or even create them. You can probably do anything if you think about it!


In the 5th grade, I was playing a videogame, and one of (my then) favorate character’s died, I cried. (that rhymes) Yoday I would realize that it is just a video game and that guy just repeated the same lines OVER and OVER again. I would have been happy for that guy to not be saying anything though it sees very cruel and sensless he wasn’t a real person. Geddy Lee from Rush used to scare me because of his voice. Now I actually listen to Rush. Most of all for my longtime readers, I am taller than the M&M man I am not scared of him any more, I could probably take him down. There are other things that have changed besides being scared. So what has changed about you in the past couple of years? It DOES NOT have to do with being scared!!!!